Graphic Identity Design

Case study: Johnston Street Vet, Fitzroy

Tempo Haus developed a graphic identity for the Johnston Street Veterinary Clinic. The project comprised streamlining the brand into a singular and consistent direction, to more accurately represent the clinic as a personal, respected and fun destination for animal lovers in the heart of Fitzroy.

The deliverables included development of a new logo, typographic specification, refined colour palette, suite of printed collateral, website and external signage.

In addition, we proposed activating the exterior space with a pet-friendly cafe to enhance street presence and develop the community that J.S.V foster. 

Colour palette

A minimal colour palette, drawing inspiration from animal fur and paws.

JSV business card 2
JSV business card 1

A4 Document Folder
A4 Document Folder 2
Exterior signage
Pet Friendly Cafe

Before and after exterior

Exterior signage 2
Web Design UI 1
Web Design UI 2
Web Design UI 3
Web Design UI 4

Bespoke Promotional Materials

Magazine Design
Magazine Design 3
Magazine Design 2

A magazine to explain all products and services on offer at J.S.V, along with a history of the location, pet-care advice and fun pet anecdotes, in a format that offers a long shelf-life, with wide distribution opportunities.